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Every generation has a singer that is a pure musical genius. Personally, I think that’s Adele. She has given us three wonderful albums full of powerful vocals and haunting lyrics.

After a six-year hiatus, she’s returning with an upcoming fourth album titled, “30.” While it’s not out yet, her new single, “Easy on Me,” has already broken records.

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But she’s not just a talented performer. Adele is also quite personable and funny – as seen in a recent video with British Vogue where she was taste-testing different British foods. What made the challenge even more hilarious was the fact that the singer was completely blindfolded.

While her commentary was hilarious in parts, it was pretty impressive that she managed to guess 8 dishes correctly, and only got 4 wrong (though she disputed one of them).

Photo: YouTube/British Vogue

Adele started out her video by clearing the air about her tea. Unlike the way it was prepared in her “Hello” music video, she doesn’t like her tea plain. Rather than just dipping the tea bag in the water and calling it a day, Adele prepares it differently. She takes her tea with a little bit of milk and sugar.

But when it came down to the food tasting, that was an event. Even though blindfolded, each British item that she tried brought up a powerful memory of her past. For example, the first dish she sampled – pickled eggs – got her reminiscing about the time that she worked in a cafe when she was younger.

Photo: YouTube/British Vogue

From there, she admitted she wasn’t a fan of pickled eggs as they remind her too much of jellied eels. Then, she told a story about her grandma, who eats jellied eels without her dentures in.

It was great to see the 15-time Grammy winner recall stories from her past. We even learned that she wasn’t a great cook, but she had to learn quickly once she was on her own at 18. She stated that she had been ordering a lot of takeaways but the expense became too much.

She shared, “I think I read 30 Minute Meals by good old Jamie Oliver—that’s how I learned the basics of cooking.” And as a result, she can now make a spicy pasta dish that impresses even Italians!

Photo: YouTube/British Vogue

But according to the singer, her favorite item to cook is a Sunday roast. She shared that she loves to cook one every weekend since it’s her son’s favorite meal. She also admitted that she’s hungover often enough to need the aid of a good ol’ English fry up. The singer stated that they’re one of the best hangover cures. However, she did say she wasn’t a fan of the black pudding.

Watch the delightfully entertaining video down below:

What do you think of Adele’s taste testing skills? Let us know!

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