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There are some trends in home decorating that many people think should stay in the past (puke green shag carpet, anyone?). But, there are some trends that have recently made a return and we’re not actually hating it. In particular, there are a few trends from the ’90s that look pretty darn good even today.

glass vessel with dried plants inside
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Right now cocoa/clay/earth tone interiors and accessories are all the rage. In the ’90s these colors were coming from a place of emulating the earthtones of the ’70s, but this time around it somehow feels a lot fresher. Leather, terra cotta, rich wood tones, and rusty art prints are all in style at the moment.

modern living room with earthtone colors
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Farmhouse Style

There was a little bit of farmhouse happening in the ’90s, with traditional elements like ladder back chairs and country tables appearing in homes. Often this trend today is mixed with industrial or even Mid-century Modern, which can make it seem a lot more up-to-date.

farmhouse style dining room
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Dried Flowers

The days of shopping at World Bazaar and Pier 1 (RIP) in the ’90s weren’t complete without taking home some sprigs of dried eucalyptus or pampas grass. This trend is definitely back and these sprays of dried plants look really good in the larger scale vases that are also popular right now.

white vase filled with dried flowers and grasses
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Green Jeweltones

Deep shades of emerald, forest, and teal green are in style right now, though these colors are just a bit moodier and more complex than the hunter green that seemed to be everywhere back in the day.

navy blue sofa in front of a green wall
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Old Posters

You can thank Friends for this trend catching on in the ’90s. In order to fill the walls of the character’s apartments quickly, set designer John Shaffner used vintage posters from France, England, and the USSR to create an eclectic look. Now, this style of poster is back again. Hanging up some of these old posters from the late 19th and early 20th centuries brings an instant “storied” look to a space.

1930s poster from Holland
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Doors & Windows as Wall Art

In the ’90s it started to become the cool thing to use windows, doors, and shutters as wall art. We don’t see this one going away anytime soon, as it instantly brings character to a room.

shutters as wall art
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Rustic Europeana

Provencal French and Italian rustico schemes were popular in the ’90s, sometimes to the point of being over the top. But, the most recent obsession with elements of the European countryside have been more focused on Scandinavian designs, which can be quite soothing and cozy.

French provencal sofa seen through a window
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