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There are so many beautiful and tasty cuisines around the world and I’d love to try every single one if I could. But, there’s something so comforting if you grew up eating Polish food. Rich desserts and hearty meals make this type of cooking a hit in so many households – Polish or not. Without any further ado here are 9 of our favorite Polish recipes that we think you’ll love, too!


9) Kolache Cookies

The delicate cookies have cream cheese in the dough and jam as the filling for a simple, but decadent flavor. These are often made for special occassions and holidays, but they make a wonderful “everyday” cookie as well. Get the recipe here.

8) Polish Potato Cabbage Casserole

Cabbage is a national obsession in Poland and for good reason! You can prepare it so many different ways. This casserole has potatoes, onions, and cabbage in a creamy sauce for a very filling dinner! Get the recipe here.

7) Polish Green Beans

The Polish style of dressing green beans involves adding some buttered bread crumbs, dill, and lemon zest on top. When Poland was being disputed over in the 1700s this style was all the rage, but it’s most certainly time to bring it back. Get the recipe here.

6) Polish Hamburgers (Klupskies)

These patties are more like herbed meatballs meets Salisbury steaks than they are like what most us think of when think hamburgers. But, that doesn’t stop them from being delicious. Serve these hearty burgers over some mashed potatoes and pour the silky gravy over top for a dinner that always satisfies. Get the recipe here.

5) Polish Pasta Casserole

Another hearty casserole with flavors inspired by Polish cooking, this dish feeds a crowd and is never fails to please. Pasta, Polish sausage, and cheese make this a meal that you can’t go wrong with. Get the recipe here.

4) Grandma’s Polish Cookies

These cookies might look unusual but they taste like heaven. They’re little more than fried dough covered in powdered sugar, but they have a nostalgic flavor and texture that many of us grew up enjoying. Get the recipe here.

3) Polish Cream Pie Squares

This simple dessert combines flaky pastry with a custard cream filling and some powdered sugar dusted atop the whole thing. It’s unlike other desserts and once you try it you’ll want to make this dessert again and again. Get the recipe here.

2) Polish Tomato Soup

A spiced tomato soup that’s filled with homemade dumpling-style noodles- you can’t get any more warming than that! Get the recipe here.

1) Haluski

For me this is one of the most iconic of all Polish dishes. The humble pairing of onions, cabbage, and egg noodles drenched in butter is one that’s honestly enjoyable no matter your geography. It reminds me of so many wonderful home cooked meals I had growing up! Get the recipe here.