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Most of us have gone through a few restless nights where we can’t sleep very well, some of us more than others, but usually, we can peg it to an evening cup of coffee or possibly a stressful life circumstance. Of course, sometimes we’re just nose deep in a book till 2 am, or binge-watching the latest season of our favorite TV show. But what about those nights where you did everything right? You got to bed on time, no caffeine after 10 am, etc., and you still can’t seem to get to sleep or stay asleep. Here are a few factors you might not be thinking of, so make sure you’re not accidentally causing yourself a poor night’s sleep!

1. Your Toothpaste Is Too Minty

Some studies show that people who smelled peppermint oil were much less drowsy, even in the dark than those who hadn’t smelled peppermint. If your toothpaste has peppermint scent, it may be subconsciously invigorating your mind and waking you up. No, this isn’t an excuse to skip out on brushing your teeth before bed, but maybe consider brushing your teeth closer to when you’re done eating, and not right before bedtime. You could also switch to a less minty toothpaste.

2. There’s A Full Moon

Sure, this probably isn’t causing all of your sleep issues, since it only happens once a month, but according to researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweeden, people actually get about 20-30 minutes less quality sleep during a full moon. They think it may be due to the fact that the body’s circadian clock is partially tied to lunar cycles. Again, this won’t cause a regular disruption in sleep, but if you happen to have one restless night, it may be due to the moon!

3. You Take A Multi-Vitamin At Night

Lots of people take a multi-vitamin to ensure they get all of their essential vitamins in the day. However, if your multi-vitamin (or any other medication) has B12 in it, you may be sabotaging your sleep! B12 provides a quick energy boost, which is good in the morning or even during your afternoon slump, but it can cause issues with relaxing at night. Try taking your multi-vitamin or nutritional supplements in the morning, or in the early afternoon at the latest.

4. You Can’t Remember Buying Your Pillow

Not only can an old pillow cause neck and back problems if they are wearing thin, but old pillows are full of dust mites, no matter how often you wash your pillowcase! This is pretty gross to think about, but the reason for dust mite disturbance is much deeper. Dust mites are one of the most common allergens, so if you are susceptible to allergies, make sure to change your pillow often! The beginnings of an allergy attack may be causing you to have trouble falling asleep. You should clean your pillow regularly, and replace it about once a year.

5. You Didn’t Eat Enough

If you’re waking up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, it may be due to low blood sugar. Not eating enough throughout the day causes blood sugar to drop. You can counter this by eating regular, well-balanced meals throughout the day. Also, make sure to have the right portions of food. Over-indulging can cause lots of digestion issues. Make sure to only eat a small amount of protein before bed. Also, make sure to allow for a few hours between your last meal and going to bed. Studies show that lying down too soon after eating can cause acid reflux and indigestion.

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