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It’s no secret that people are passionate about food. We certainly know all about that. As such, we’re bound to disagree from time to time. While most of these disagreements ultimately boil down to personal preferences, every once in a while, a fierce debate starts. Whether it’s how to serve food, how to prepare food, or even how to store food, I think you’ll find something on this list that you’re surprisingly opinionated about!

Ketchup: Fridge or Pantry?


Food storage is one of those things that every household does differently. Some people store peanut butter and maple syrup in the fridge while others leave them out on the counter. Ketchup is another food item that people can’t seem to agree on where to store. Fridge or pantry? I grew up always keeping condiments in the fridge.

According to an interview with microbiologist, Dr. Peter Barratt, in The Daily Mail, ketchup is best stored in the fridge.

Are Hotdogs Sandwiches?


Those in the pro-sandwich category claim that hotdogs consist of bread on the outside with the good stuff in the middle – the same as a sandwich. Anti-sandwich people argue that a sandwich should have two separate pieces of bread instead of the hotdog bun. Where does the madness end? Are tacos sandwiches? Are subs still sandwiches? Who knows!

The dictionary knows. Recently, Marrian-Webster categorized hotdogs as sandwiches, for better or worse.

Crunchy vs. Smooth Peanut Butter


This all comes down to personal preference, or possibly what you’re using the peanut butter for. However, most people have strong feelings toward one or the other and don’t tend to use both. Which one do you prefer?

Pankcakes vs. Waffles


At first, you may think to yourself, “Aren’t these the same thing?” I’m here to tell you… absolutely not. One is a flat disc while the other has pockets to store melted butter and warm syrup. Maybe I’m showing my own hand here, but I think we all know who the winner is. I mean, syrup pockets. Come on!

Pineapple on Pizza


This one is perhaps the most volatile and controversial food debate on the list. Does pineapple belong on pizza? Some say the pineapple adds a sweet and sour kick that adds to the flavor profile, while others are revolted by the thought of a tropical fruit on their otherwise savory, salty pizza.

Crunchy vs. Soggy Cereal


My husband and I disagree on this one. I’m firmly in the crunchy cereal camp. If I wanted slop, I’d eat oatmeal! My husband, on the other hand, loves soggy cereal. He’ll pour his milk and cereal first thing and then let it sit on the counter while he makes coffee. Ten minutes later, he has lumpy, soggy cereal. I’ll stick to my crunch, thanks!

Center Brownie vs. Edge Brownie


You’d think people would just be happy about getting a brownie in general instead of nitpicking about which piece they got. That being said, I’ll always take a center piece over an edge if I can. This is another one my husband and I disagree on. At least this one works out in our favor – I get the middle pieces and he gets the edge. Marriage is all about sacrifice, right?

Mac n’ Cheese: Fork or Spoon?


I had no idea there was such a heated debate over the correct utensil to use for mac n’ cheese. Delish tweeted a few years ago asking who uses a fork and who uses a spoon to eat mac n’ cheese. Roughly 1/4 of the people said spoon while the others said fork. It seems like a pretty cut and dry winner, except that both sides were so worked up about it, the debate quickly spun out of control. I’ll bravely admit that I use a spoon. I like to shovel my mac n’ cheese, thankyouverymuch!

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