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Most of the time when I’m traveling and staying in hotels, I don’t really notice the layout of the rooms or the interior design. Sure, I can appreciate a nice hotel, but I don’t so much pay attention to the details – unless the details are confusing, headache-inducing, or downright cringe-worthy. Case in point, the following hotel design fails that truly boggle the mind. Let’s take a look!

1. Nothing to see here…


It’s hard to imagine what the design and renovation crew was thinking when they put this room together. Glass bathroom doors, glass shower door, and not a hint of privacy in sight (though plenty of other things will be in sight with this bathroom design). The Reddit user who posted this picture had this to say: Me and my business partner decided to share a hotel room in order to save some money. We weren’t expecting this. Yeah, no kidding!!

2. Wait, where is my room?


At first glance, I assume the top left numbers went with the top right arrow, but upon further inspection, it could go either way. There’s nothing about the design that indicates whether you should read this sign in rows or columns. I bet this was a cool, modern concept in someone’s mind, but the reality is just plain confusing!

3. I think I’ll take the elevator, thanks.


Yikes. This carpet is pretty terrible on a flat surface, in my opinion, but seeing it on a staircase is almost enough to give me vertigo. God bless the brave souls who dare to tread down these steps!

4. That might be a bit excessive…


Wait… what? Why…? I have so many questions. It looks like one faucet broke, but instead of replacing it, they just added another one. And another. And then they thought if three faucets are good, why not five? Ten? Might as well throw a showerhead in there too, just for kicks and giggles, right?

5. Go, go, gadget arm!


This is the worst. The others are annoying and confusing, and okay, those stairs are downright dangerous, but come on. Putting the toilet paper out of reach from the toilet is just cruel! And it’s not just a little too far, either. It’s across the room!

6. Nice view.


Once, I had a window seat on a plane that didn’t have a window. This, I imagine, is a thousand times more disappointing, especially if the hotel boasted of a great view! Nice work trying to cover it up with curtains though.

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