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We have always been told that you cannot turn back the hands of time but this is not something that Holly Pan believes in. That’s how she has managed to amass over 60,000 followers on TikTok (@hollyhpan).

She refers to herself as “your fashion BFF” and with how stylish she is, we can see why she has such an auspicious title. If you are someone who would like to look younger, she is here to help.

Photo: TikTok/@hollyhpan

As it turns out, our wardrobe choices go a long way towards aging us before our time. That’s why Holly is here to offer up all of the help that we need. That does not mean that she is trying her best to keep up with the kids out there. That is not her objective at all. “I don’t dress to look younger, I dress to complement my body and how I feel,” she shared in a video.

The video that you are about to see is an interesting one. She starts it off by wearing the clothes that someone in her age bracket would typically be expected to wear. The dark purple cargo pants and black long-sleeve shirt pair well with the glasses, or so we thought. Her hair is also pulled back into a ponytail when we first see her.

Photo: TikTok/@hollyhpan

The “what people expect you to look like at 50” text overlay gives you a clue of what is about to happen. The transformation that you are about to see is an amazing one, for sure. From there, she cuts to an outfit that serves as a true display of how she feels, letting the audience know that she is sorry to let them down.

Just wait until you see the outfit that she has chosen. It is something else!

Photo: TikTok/@hollyhpan

Her hair has been let down, the glasses are gone and the outfit is breathtaking. She’s in a black halter top that has an eye-catching chest cutout, the high-waisted pants are striped and she’s even rocking a Chanel belt. The pointed black heels are the cherry on top.

The comments are full of support and we love to see it.


I don’t dress to look younger, I dress to compliment my body and how I feel 💫 Big shoutout to my friend @tingmystyle for always inspiring us! #styleinspiration #styleover40 #thisis50 #proaging #allblackoutfit

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“Please, style and beauty Gods, lemme slay this hard when I’m 50,” said one viewer and we are in full agreement.

It is not about how old you are, it’s about how old you feel!