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Alongside grilled burgers and melting sprinkle-covered ice cream cones, fresh in-season corn is a pillar of the summertime season. Bright yellow or creamy white, it doesn’t matter which variety you have, if the corn is grown in the summer, then it’s a hundred percent delicious. And while the classic pat of butter and sprinkling of salt is all good and well, corn goes beyond the corn, especially in these recipes!

Crunchy Street Corn Salad

Crunchy Street Corn Salad is a bite of vibrant spice and seasonings. A quick batch of pickled vegetables is a bright and sour kick, contrasting the charred and grilled smokiness of the corn. A plethora of other texture delights like refreshing romaine and cabbage, buttery but crunchy pumpkin seeds, and creamy, salty cotija cheese make this salad go from sidekick to main dish. Get the recipe here.

Scalloped Corn

Corn’s natural sweetness shines in this recipe for Scalloped Corn. A little bit of cream and a little bit of cheese assist the corn, coaxing out its creamy and bright sweet characteristics. A brief bake in the oven harmonizes all of the ingredients for a delightful taste of summer’s bounty. If you’re interested in the recipe, you can find the recipe here.

Green Chile Corn Casserole

Simple pantry staples and a bit of creaminess from cream cheese turn the norm into something completely beyond the norm. This Green Chile Corn Casserole delivers all of the right flavors — sweet, creamy, and spicy. While this recipe utilizes canned corn, you can easily swap it out for seasonal corn. The sweetness of the corn gets a bump of heat from green chilies for a sweet-spicy bite you didn’t know you needed in your life. For the recipe, click the link here.

Blueberry Corn Salad

The bounty of corn harvest meets another summer’s best — blueberries. In this Blueberry Corn Salad, you get summer’s sweet crops in a sophisticated salad form. The brightness of citrus, the vegetal bite of the chives, and the saltiness of feta give you a satisfying savoriness that makes you go in for more. Try this recipe out for yourself by clicking the link here.

Butter Bath Corn

Corn’s best companion is and always will be butter. Here corn’s friend doesn’t come as a garnish but comes in during the cooking process instead. In this Butter Bath Corn, fresh cobs of corn get slowly cooked in a pool and warm, melted butter. Milk is the backbone of this simmering sauce, but the butter is the star. On low heat, milk, butter, and salt penetrate the corn differently than your average steaming, boiling, or grilling methods. The result? Prepare to be amazed because this method highlights corn in the best possible way. Get the recipe over here.