4 Easy Chicken Dinners

I’ve made #3 twice this week!

Chicken gets a bad rap sometimes, but we think that’s just because people don’t realize how many yummy ways there are to prepare it. We’re not saying we don’t fall into a chicken rut sometimes – preparing the same one or two dishes week after week – ’cause we definitely do, but we’ve started keeping a list of easy, delicious dinners that we can whip up after a long day and that everyone will love. Below, we’ve got four of our favorites, so take a look and enjoy!

4. Creamy Bacon Mushroom and Thyme Chicken

While this dish looks super fancy, it’s actually ridiculously easy to make, making it perfect for a weeknight, family dinner, or a time when you’re looking to impress guests. Everyone will love the flavor – hello, creamy bacon and thyme sauce – and be stunned that you whipped up something so elegant…they won’t need to know how much of a breeze it is to make!

3. Chicago Chicken

With only seven ingredients, this is definitely a recipe you won’t want to miss! We’ve always called it/heard it called “Chicago Chicken,” but you can call it whatever you like. It’s packed with lemon and jalapeño, and seriously hits the spot…

check it out!

2. Zesty Lemon Garlic Chicken

Lemon is one of our absolute favorite ingredients to cook with. It adds amazingly bright flavor to anything you’re making, be it sweet or savory, and brings out all the other yummy flavors you’ve got going on in the recipe. Here, we’ve paired it with a creamy garlic sauce, and trust us, this stuff is so good!

1. Jalapeño Popper Chicken

If you’re as big a fan of jalapeño poppers as we are, then this dish is for you. We can’t get enough of those spicy, cheesy fried bites of goodness, so we decided to re-envision them as a main course and this is what we came up with! Stuffed with jalapeño cream cheese, this chicken is a sure-fire win!