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Nothing speaks to sports watchers quite like a dip, which is a creamy source of lush satisfaction. This spreadable bowl of delight contrasts against its crunchy chip counterparts, making for an additive appetizer people reach for again and again. While you may already have dip recipes on standby, take a look at these dips to try for the upcoming Super Bowl.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Everyone knows of buffalo chicken wings, but very few know of Buffalo Chicken Dip. It’s a crime really, because they’re truly missing out on some magic here. Creamy ingredients like cream cheese, ranch dressing, and Colby jack cheese are melted in a slow cooker until they become a velvety delight. The buffalo sauce gives the dip its zippy buffalo flavor, and the shredded chicken provides a savory bite of meat. Get the recipe here!

Hatch Chili Queso

Hatch Chile Queso takes what you know about cheese dip and throws it out the window. The cheesy sauce is full of aromatic flavors like garlic and shallots, countering the richness of the melted cheese. This dip is full of savory notes, thanks to the addition of roasted chiles, which will make you want to dive into this dip until there’s none left! To get the full recipe, click the link here.

Skyline Dip

Skyline Dip

Chili isn’t just reserved for a bowl and spoon. Here, with this Skyline Dip, you get a cheesy, meaty baked chili ready for chips. This robust, no-bean chili is packed with meat and decadent amounts of cheese. The counterbalance of scallions and spicy pickled jalapeños creates a refreshing contrast. To get the recipe, click the link here.

High Protein Chip Dip

High Protein Chip Dip Horizontal 3

If you want to serve a dip you can dip into without any regret, turn to this High Protein Chip Dip. Cottage cheese and artichokes are the main base of this smooth and creamy dip. Garlic and lemon juice round out the flavors to give a bright and flavorful complexity. If you’re looking to whip up this recipe, click the link here.