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The coronavirus pandemic has hit many popular chains where it hurts the most, including 24 Hour Fitness. They are in the middle of financial restructuring and the national gym chain announced that it will be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. It will also be closing clubs that are close to other locations or are out of date.

All of the 24 Hour Fitness locations were closed in mid-March due to the pandemic. “If it were not for COVID-19 and its devastating effects, we would not be filing for Chapter 11,” 24 Hour Fitness CEO Tony Ueber said in a statement. “With that said, we intend to use the process to strengthen the future of 24 Hour Fitness for our team and club members, as well as our stakeholders.”

Photo: Pixabay

Along with the bankruptcy, the company is hoping to secure $250 million in financing so the clubs they plan on keeping can remain open. Some locations are reopening as the stay-at-home orders are being lifted but others are shuttering their doors temporarily. In 14 states, 134 clubs will be closing permanently. If you are a current club member of any level, you will be able to access all available locations through the end of 2021.

New safety protocols are being implemented at all gyms. 24 Hour Fitness will only allow a limited number of people in the gym at any time to help with social distancing. Cleaning procedures will also be heightened throughout the day. Since nighttime cleaning will be an important part of it, the clubs won’t be open for 24 hours but will be open from 5 AM until 9 PM.

You can find out more about the status of your local 24 Hour Fitness club and any closures here. A list of clubs that will be reopening is available here.

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