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Sometimes, kids are hilarious without meaning to be and there is no better video to demonstrate this than one toddler’s backyard diner videos.

Given how funny this kid is, it’s no wonder her series of adorable backyard diner videos have gone viral on TikTok.

Photo: TikTok/@saruh2themax

2-year-old Willow isn’t just a kid, she’s also a sassy and savvy businesswoman as she runs her own backyard diner.

Although, based on this one video, the customer service might be a little lacking. But it doesn’t matter, as Willow brings the laughs with her very sassy attitude.

Photo: TikTok/@saruh2themax

Her mom first started filming Willow while she was playing outside in her play kitchen, and it quickly turned into a series of videos that have amassed millions of views on TikTok. In this particular video, Mom is a customer at Willow’s backyard diner looking for something to eat.

Of course, the chocolate chip cookie that Willow has in her hand looks pretty tasty. However, Willow is not willing to share. She asks her mother what she wants, and when Mom asks if she can have the cookie, Willow responds with, “No. It’s mine.”

Photo: TikTok/@saruh2themax

Okay, point taken! Instead, she offers Mom a bowl of plastic broccoli. Yum? It’s a good thing she’s so funny and adorable or else that customer service would really be lacking.

Watch the adorable video down below:


I got put on a strict diet due to my audacity. #willowpenelope #willowsdiner #cute #funnytoddler

♬ No. Thats mines. – saruh2themax

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