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While the winter months are still a little ways off, there are many of us who are missing the colder weather right about now. The sticky summer days have a way of making us wish for a blast of chilly air.

Many of us are not able to hop on a plane and head to our favorite ski resorts when the weather starts to get more balmy, so, creativity is needed to get through all of the hot summer days when we’re longing for winter. Fortunately, we have the perfect recipe to transport you to a winter wonderland without actually leaving the comfort of your homes by making your own snow!

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This indoor snow will keep the kids entertained and you'll be nice and warm inside! #HomemadeSnow #FauxSnow #Sensory #Snow #Winter #KidsActivities #KidsCrafts #Kids #WinterFun

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The process of making your own snow has never been easier. You’ll have the chance to enjoy winter on your own terms, as often as you would like. Just keeping it real, it’s not going to be as cold as the real thing, but think of all the time you are going to save when it comes to putting on gloves and boots.

It’s a wonderful activity to enjoy with the kids, especially now that everyone is stuck at home for the summer. All you need to get started is a bowl, a half cup of white hair conditioner, and three cups of baking soda.

From there, all you have to do is mix the hair conditioner and baking soda together. Knead the mixture by hand, don’t rely on a spoon. If you need any further instructions on this hack, please take a moment to check out the video. Feel free to experiment with other household items if the need arises. Coarse sea salt and shaving cream can also be effective.

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