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Even though the world is beginning to open back up, the threat of COVID-19 is still a very real concern. Until there is a vaccine it won’t really go away. That is why many countries are opening back up in stages and taking precautions. Businesses are allowed to reopen under the guarantee that they’ll make efforts to keep people as socially distant as possible. Essentially what we’re opening ourselves up to is a whole new version of normal.

Part of that normal is that places like hair salons and barbershops need to wait a while to open up since they’re very close contact professions. As a result, many of us have not had a proper haircut or style in months. Personally, I have been watching cut your own hair tutorials all quarantine, but I’ve been too chicken to attempt any sort of hair cut. I think I’ll just wait till Ireland moves into phase 4 and I can be reunited with my stylist.

But for some people, they have bravely taken the plunge and attempted to do their own hair care at home. Unfortunately for some of these daring souls, the gamble has not paid off. As a result, social media has been flooded with pictures of quarantine cuts gone wrong. In order to document all these haircuts – good, bad, and ugly – the social media page Corona Cuts has been created.

Below, we have 12 of our favorite Corona Cuts:

1. Classic Bowl Cut

Let’s face it. Most of those who attempted an at-home haircut got a little help from either a family member or friend they were quarantined with. As this picture so unabashedly shows, their handiwork wasn’t the best.

2. When You Take Too Much

This one is a wonderful visual representation of the stages of a Corona Cut. It starts off with you trying to do your normal cut that you’d get at the barbershop. Then it goes terribly wrong but you’re already in too deep so you need to fully commit and just buzz it.

3. He Had It Coming

An adult doing a bad job on your hair? That’s unfortunate but you took a gamble that perhaps your significant other might have discovered a hidden talent for hair. But letting your five-year-old cut your hair? You did it to yourself. There is no way it’d come out even halfway decent.

4. Thank Goodness For Social Distancing

This man had a bad Corona Cut. But at least from afar, you can’t see how bad it is. Lucky for him that meant he could probably still go to the store without the need for a hat so long as he kept his distance from people.

5. Might As Well Just Shave It

There was probably no salvaging this except to fully commit to the quarantine cut and just shave it all. It’s hair, it’ll grow back. Eventually.

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Better to try and fail, than not try at all. πŸ€” Nominate your mates, then tag us in your pic's caption for a chance to feature on our page! 🀳🏼 πŸ“Έ Featuring:- @kevinklap #coronacut #covidcut #homehaircut #coronameme #stayhomesavelives #lockdown #badhaircut #covid19

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6. Not Good

We think it’s safe to say that after the experience of this pandemic, we all have a newfound appreciation for the work that barbers do.

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1 all over, leave the fringe plz mate… πŸ˜… Nominate your mates, tag us in your pics for a chance to feature on our page! 🀳🏼 πŸ“Έ Credit:- benclarkmufc01 #coronacut #coronacuts #covidcut #quarantinelife #homehaircut #coronacutchallenge #hairfail #skinfade #coronamemes

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7. Oh Dear

He’s going to have a tough time explaining this one to his barber when he’s allowed back to see him. Think it may be time to just shave it all.

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Edward Scissor Hands is alive and well.. 🀨 Nominate your mates, then tag us in your pic's caption for a chance to feature on our page! 🀳🏼 πŸ“Έ Featuring:- @HookedonPhoenix9 #coronacuts #covid19 #coronachallenge #quarantinelife #homehaircut #covidcuts #covidcut #washyourhands #lockdownlife #corona #funnyhair #diyhaircut #homecut #coronavirus #coronameme #coronanews #scissorhands

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8. The Patch Test

Clearly this man wasn’t sure if he could commit to a full hair cut. Unfortunately, the patch test didn’t turn out quite as expected.

9. Creative Kids

For some people attempting hair cuts at home they already knew going in that no matter what, it was going to turn out bad. Perhaps even to the point that they’d have to shave it all. This man decided to let his family have some fun at his expense.

10. Dad Can’t Be Trusted

As the post stated, he was left alone for with his dad for an hour. We really hope that Dad had plans to finish the sides.

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11. What You See Is What You Get

It’s bad, there is no denying it. But at least this person was willing to admit it rather than try to convince themselves that it was fine. Good thing they could hide indoors until it grew out again.

12. A Run Of Bad Luck

While some people tried to keep their quarantine haircuts as close to their normal look as possible, others decided to just take the plunge and buzz cut it all the way down. Unfortunately for this person, their hair trimmer died halfway through their buzzcut. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was an essential worker on his way to work.

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