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Halloween will be here before we know it! As always, we love celebrating any and every holiday with a fun and creative dessert. Cake is definitely a crowd favorite, and we can’t complain! In fact, cakes are so easy to decorate in unique ways, that it makes our job easier. If you’re looking for a little Halloween inspiration for your next party or dessert, check out these ideas!

Ghost Cake

Isn’t this a fun idea? It’s so easy, too! Start with whatever cake you want, and cover with a layer of black chocolate ganache. Of course, you can use any kind of frosting you want, as long as it’s a dark color. It might be fun to experiment with dark purple or blue!

Then, drop different sized white circles on the cake, scattered around. Using the back of a spoon, twirl the cake and smear the white frosting dots, all in the same direction. Follow up by adding in mouths and eye holes with a toothpick.

Brain Cake

If you’re looking for something a little gorier, we’ve got you covered! This bran cake is a base of pink vanilla cake, scupted into the rough shape of a brain. Next, pipe on pink frosting in large, squiggly lines.

To top it off, melt some raspberry jam and pour it over the cake for that gory finishing touch!

Sugar Skull Cake

This cake may look complicated, but we believe just about anyone can do it! Start by printing out a skull template and cutting around it. Then, fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth with black frosting, while covering the rest of the cake with white frosting.

Keep working on the eyes, nose, and mouth, defining and shaping them, and then adding marshmallows for teeth. Using brightly colored buttercream frosting, add in little embellishments and details!

Skeleton Cake

Looking for a classic Halloween cake without all the gore? This simple yet stunning design is just the one for you!

Start with black (or another dark color) frosting. Pipe on white buttercream frosting in the shape that you want. In this case, it’s a hand, but you could go for a rib cage, a foot, etc. You get the idea! Fun, classy, and simple.

Which one will you try first? Check out the other cake ideas in the video below!

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