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If you are the type of person who can’t seem to avoid staining your shirts when you are eating, this is the perfect innovation for you.

Ziorich is here to change the game, as they are offering up a stain-resistant t-shirt for those who cannot keep themselves clean when they are wolfing down their dinner.

Photo: YouTube/ZIORICH

This shirt, which will be known as the “Ramen t-shirt,” has been designed by the Japanese company in hopes of reducing the messes that we make.

Did you know that the slurping of Ramen noodles is actually a Japanese tradition? We are actually supposed to be slurping the noodles so that we are able to fully enjoy them. However, this can cause us to stain our clothes once the rich-colored broth hits them. Zurichz has heard our cries and now they are here to finally provide us with a better way.

Photo: YouTube/ZIORICH

Thanks to these shirts, ramen stains are no longer an issue. If you spill broth on yourself, you can blot it away with relative ease. All it takes is a napkin and a little bit of water. It’s a major godsend for anyone who has gotten sick of having to replace their shirts because they cannot stop spilling their food on them.

No, the shirt has not been tested against other forms of food but we have no doubt that these stain-fighting capabilities extend well beyond the world of Ramen. If you would like to learn more about these shirts and how you can obtain one, please be sure to visit the company’s website here.

Photo: YouTube/ZIORICH

This is the sort of advancement that is sure to make the day of all the messy eaters out there. Parents who are tired of constantly having to shop for new clothes for their kids who can’t stop spilling on themselves may also want to take a closer look at what this awesome shop has to offer.

If you are anything like us, this is some of the most exciting news to come out of the food and beverage world in some time. We hope that other companies see what is happening here and decide to follow suit because it would be nice to have a whole wardrobe that could never actually get stained.