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Covid has certainly changed the face of our society. Most of us are still working from home, with some of us starting to return to the office.

Travel is either restricted or still not allowed in some countries, and of course, dining and other entertainment venues are either outdoor only or require vaccination proof of some kind in many areas.

Photo: Pixabay/pasja1000

With the current rollout of the vaccine, more and more of us are able to get fully vaccinated. And now, in an effort to keep up with public health and safety, some businesses, including restaurants, are requiring patrons to show proof of vaccination before engaging in indoor dining.

But how will we know which places have which requirements? With the help of Yelp, of course!

Photo: flickr/Faruk Ateş

For years prior to the pandemic, we would turn to Yelp for reviews about local restaurants. Well, now, Yelp is adding a new feature to its site in order to help businesses share with the community what they require from their patrons.

As such, if you go look up a business on Yelp, you will now be able to see two things: “proof of vaccination required” and “all staff fully vaccinated.” If you are using the Yelp app or website to make decisions for where to go or what to do in terms of restaurant or nightlife, you can even filter through your search using these specific features.

Photo: pxfuel

So, when you look up a restaurant on Yelp, the vaccination information will be found under “more info” when on the app, or under “amenities and more” on the desktop version.

Given that the rise of the Delta variant is threatening to ruin our autumn, there are many more businesses across the country that are becoming stricter with requiring proof of vaccination in order to partake in indoor activities. Yelp’s new feature is great for that.

Photo: flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer

This isn’t the only change Yelp has made since the start of the pandemic. At one point, Yelp had also introduced a feature that allows users to review a business’s COVID procedures.

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