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Ice cream is one of those treats that many people enjoy. Some people have it regularly, perhaps having a scoop or two every night before bed.

More than likely, if you enjoy ice cream, you have a favorite flavor. You also probably enjoy branching out and trying something different every once in a while.

Photo: Twitter/@GWR

We realize that some of the more luxurious ice creams may cost extra per scoop, but how far would you go to try something truly luxurious?

Thanks to a Japanese ice cream company, you have the chance to try a frozen treat with some of the most luxurious ingredients available. In the end, you have to pay $6,696 per serving.

Photo: Twitter/@GWR

Cellato is the brand responsible for this ice cream, which holds the distinction of being the most expensive ice cream on the planet, according to Guinness World Records. The particular ice cream that got them into the record books is known as “Byakuya.”

The reason why you pay so much for the ice cream is because it is made out of white truffle, grown in Alba, Italy. That rare treat is available for $6,905 per pound.

Photo: Twitter/@GWR

Other ingredients in the ice cream are Parmigiano Reggiano, and sake lees, which is a byproduct created when they produce Japanese sake. It also has the benefit of containing alcohol.

The ice cream brand wanted to combine Japanese and European flavors to make something unique. It took a year to have to perfect the flavor, with a lot of trial and error associated with getting the taste right.

I wonder how much they spent on trial and error.

A representative for the brand spoke with Guinness World Records, describing the flavor as complex, and rich. They also said that achieving the world record made the effort well worth it.

They are also planning on releasing the product with other luxurious ingredients, including caviar and champagne.