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If you have been feeling nostalgic for the 90s, then one of the things that probably crosses your mind is heading down to the Blockbuster to pick up a VHS tape or two. I’m sure that you remember the drill, you might not even have in mind something to rent and you get a recommendation from the person working behind the counter. You may even grab some snacks while you are there.

Now that we are living in 2020, streaming videos are available by the thousands. Blockbuster stores have long since closed down, but that isn’t the case everywhere. If you happen to be in Bend, Oregon, they are an exception to the rule.

In all the world, only one Blockbuster store is left and it is in Bend. It is run by Sandi Harding, the store manager who has worked hard to preserve the legacy of the brand. Even during the time of the pandemic, her store is doing quite well. She wanted to say thank you to all those who supported her over the years, so she went on Facebook to do so. She was also looking for volunteers that would help her process orders.

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📺 Get ready to relive the 90s and make every night a Blockbuster night! Dust off those membership cards, grab your onesies, and get ready for the sleepover of the century! The last remaining Blockbuster store is partnering with AirBNB to open their doors for a full service rental. You won’t have to worry about late fees here as you’ll have access to the entire store for the sleepover of the century. Complete with bean bag chairs, candy, and all the 90s nostalgia you can bare, this is a “New Release” you don’t want to miss. Catch the latest 90s flick, talk about your Dream Phone results, or plan your future with an intense game of *MASH*. Rentals for Blockbuster stays are three night over the weekend of 9/18 – 9/20 and will only cost a small portion of your allowance – $4! Reservations open TODAY (8/17) at 1PM PST. To learn more visit #Blockbuster #LastBlockbuster #BlockbusterAIRBNB #BlockbusterVideo #BlockbusterMovie #Sleepover #Nostalgia

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In order to provide the ultimate “thank you” to loyal customers, the Blockbuster store is being listed on Airbnb for 3 one-night stays. It’s a great way to relive some nostalgia.

The listing is only available to those who live in Deschutes County, and you can see the listing here. Only four guests will be able to stay each night and they will have a 90s themed movie sleepover in a working Blockbuster store. A pullout bed inside of a cozy living room will be on hand to make you feel comfortable.

September 18, 19, and 20 are the nights selected for this opportunity. Perhaps the best news is that you will pay the price of a movie rental, four dollars, for a single night. I’m sure they would’ve done $3.99, but you can’t use pennies on Airbnb. Harding is the host and COVID-9 guidelines will be strictly followed.

Even though only local residents are in line for this opportunity, Harding is also allowing customers from all over to check out the living space that was created for this unique opportunity. There is also a Callogorithm line at +1 (541) 385-9111 available for anyone who wants to speak to a Blockbuster employee for tailored movie advice.