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The Rubik’s Cube is something that people often try to solve with accuracy or speed in order to break world records. However, there is a pretty cool record being set by sheer size.

Hong Kong recently revealed its record-breaking Rubik’s Cube and it is quite impressive too, proving to be the largest one in the world.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

It was debuted back on March 28, 2021, and was built on-site at the Nina Mall in Hong Kong. According to Yahoo! this impressive cube stands taller than 8 feet, and it is created out of blocks that measure 67 square feet.

Perhaps the coolest feature about this large block is that each row of blocks can actually be manipulated around as though it is the real deal – only much larger!

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

In fact, the video from Guinness World Records features a group of people trying it for themselves. Of course, with the sheer size of the Rubik’s Cube, this team effort is a lot harder than it looks.

Photo: YouTube/Guinness World Records

While it might seem like fun, the display is only temporary. Eventually, it will be dismantled and taken off display at the mall once a month has passed.

The original Rubik’s Cube was invented back in 1974 by Hungarian inventor, Ernő Rubik. Since its appearance on the market, we’ve seen the Rubik’s Cube take on many challenges.

Photo: Pixabay

While this current one in the Hong Kong mall might be the largest one, there is also one that is very tiny as well. The world’s smallest Rubik’s Cube is only .39 inches tall and it was sold in 2020 for $1,700 – not bad for such a small size!

Watch the video below:

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