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If you have ever played Jenga before, you realize that it takes a very steady hand and a lot of patience. That is why some people are good at playing it in other people only tend to get frustrated.

I would like to introduce you to one person who is excellent at the game, and he is known as the Menga Man. In reality, his name is Kelvin and he knows a thing or two about being patient when it comes to playing with Jenga pieces.

Photo: flickr/

In fact, he has built a lot of interesting towers that balance these pieces in an unusual fashion, including stacking 1,512 pieces on a single block!

One epic tower was built in February 2021. 1150 Jenga pieces were stacked on top of each other and that set a world record. Three months later, he was back at the table to create an arrangement shaped like an acorn that contained an extra two pieces, shattering his old world record!

Photo: YouTube/Menga_TV

The moment that he put the final piece in place, a video was rolling and the moment was shared online. Every block was placed one by one as the video rolled, even recording his heartbeat to show just how nervous he was.

At one point, it was beating at 154 bpm! Eventually, the structure collapsed but not before he was able to stack enough to get a new world record.

Photo: YouTube/Menga_TV

Kelvin told My Modern Met: “I get satisfaction from doing something I previously thought was impossible. I thought there was no way anyone can stack more than 1,000 blocks of Jenga. Imagine my excitement when I proved myself wrong.”

You can follow Kelvin on Twitter to learn more.