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Everybody has different tastes when it comes to food. Sometimes, our tastes even change over the years. When I was little, I hated mushrooms. Now, I love them. I especially love them in a nice risotto, can’t get enough of them like that.

But there are certain foods that will remain a no forever. For me, it’s oysters.

Photo: Unsplash/Anima Visual

I don’t think I’m alone in that. There’s just something about oysters, they’re so slippery and wet, it’s like swallowing salty snot. Ugh, I’m making myself gag just writing about them.

The first time I tried them, there wasn’t enough lemon juice and tabasco sauce to save the horrible experience. But like I said, I’m not alone, many people don’t like oysters.

Photo: Unsplash/Bruce Chapman

But one woman had perhaps the funniest reaction to eating an oyster for the first time.

Vacation is a great time to let loose and try new things. For one young woman vacationing in Croatia, it seemed like the perfect time to try an oyster for the first time. I mean, why not?

Photo: YouTube/RM Videos

It’s right there by the seaside. However, the woman quickly learned that oysters are gross, and she had quite the reaction getting it to stay down.

Check out the hilarious video down below:

I think it’s safe to say the consensus is that oysters should just stay at the bottom of the ocean…

What do you think? Do you like oysters? Did you react like this when you first tried them? What foods can you not stomach? Let us know!

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