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With everyone spending more time at home in 2020 and the onset of 2021, weird discoveries are bound to happen. One woman’s discovery in the wall of her basement may just take the cake, though.

Twitter user @missjellinsky shared the story of her sister’s discovery with her followers. She wrote, “My sister moved into a new house and found this in the wall of her basement.” The caption could not have possibly prepared us for what she found.

Photo: Twitter / missjellinsky

The people who were living in this house before her had to be trolling or something. We have no other explanation for how anyone could move into home where a baby doll face has been perfectly embedded in the wall like this.

Photo: Twitter / missjellinsky

As you would have expected, the Twitter responses have been full of warnings from those who would like the woman to move.

Now, if these people want to keep staying in this home, they are going to need an exorcism of some kind. Nothing else would be able to cut it for us.

Photo: Twitter / missjellinsky

There is no time to think about where this doll head might have come from, we would be heading for the hills instead.

Meanwhile, there are others who are going to argue that a baby doll head embedded in the wall like this is actually not as menacing. It could’ve been a prank of the former home owners or a simple child at play.

Photo: Twitter / missjellinsky

We’re not convinced, but the doll’s true origin has yet to be revealed.

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