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Dining alone is a polarizing topic. Some people have no problem, others like to make sure that they have a friend who can go with them.

This woman recently decided that she would go out to eat by herself and she never could have expected what would happen next. Our heart goes out to her, as this one seems more than a little unfair to us.

Photo: flickr/Phil Denton

In fact, we would like to know how this one can even be enforced. Sunshine Chavez simply wanted to grab something to eat at this California Korean barbecue joint. She did not think that there would be any issue with her going alone because why would there be?

Apparently, there is a two-person minimum if you are going to be dining in.

Photo: TikTok/@sunshine_inthekitchen

They have written the policy on their sign-in sheet but that does not sit right with us. “When the restaurant doesn’t let you dine in because you’re a party of 1,” Chavez captioned her 15-second video. “And you’re told next time bring a friend. Maybe I’m just hungry and emotional but I definitely cried in my car.”

We are right there with you, ma’am. This is a bitter pill to swallow.

Photo: TikTok/@sunshine_inthekitchen

Imagine how it would feel to get yourself hyped up to enjoy some Korean BBQ and then get told that you cannot enter the premises unless you have a friend with you. It’s especially sad once you learn that Chavez was nervous to even enter the restaurant by herself. She admitted that she needed to psych herself up before she even went inside.

“I really debated about paying for an extra person. I was craving it all day (all week),” she continued.


When the restaurant doesn’t let you dine in because you’re a party of 1. And you’re told next time bring a friend ☹️🥺 maybe I’m just hungry and emotional but I definitely cried in my car 🙁 #rude

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According to the comments, this is common practice at a lot of Korean barbecue spots. “Yeah this is actually a thing at most Korean bbq spots unfortunately,” one user shared with Chavez. “It sucks though.” That’s the understatement of the century.

“It’s Korean bbq… they prepare and give you a lot of sides, meats, sauces, etc. it doesn’t make sense for them to do all of this for one person,” another user said. That’s understandable but it does not make us feel any better about the situation. This is sure to be a hotly debated story going forward, as some point out the policies and others are more worried about this woman’s feelings.