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Cakes that are inspired by popular shows and movies are always a hit with us. @jou.king (as they are known on Instagram) seems to be acutely aware of this, as they have crafted a cake that everyone is going to love.

His name is Josué Luciano and he is well known in the Pittsburgh region. He’s a premier “cake guy” and this is not a title that he takes lightly.

Photo: Instagram/@jou.king

The cake that he made and shared on Instagram looks fantastic and is inspired by Wednesday Addams and her new show. It has been decorated with a dichotomous pattern that will be very familiar to fans of a certain show that is currently very popular on Netflix.

The hit show Wednesday, which is centered around the Addams Family’s daughter, has already spawned a number of fawning reviews.

Photo: Instagram/@jou.king

He made and displayed other cakes inspired by the show, including one that’s inspired by the picture window that splits the room between Enid and Wednesday.

“Enid’s side of the cake I took inspiration from her room, like ‘a rainbow vomited on it.’ For Wednesday’s side I took inspiration from her braids and the outfit she wore when she arrived at Nevermore,” Luciano explains on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/@jou.king
Photo: Instagram/@jou.king

There are a lot of chefs who would simply post the cake and remain silent. Thanks to Luciano, we are able to learn more.

We would struggle to even cut into one of these bad boys because they are too beautiful. How people are even able to bring themselves to eat them is beyond our comprehension.

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