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This wedding banquet is attracting a lot of attention and it is easy to see why. It’s quite the spread and the couple only paid a small amount of money for it!

The reason? They used Costco to cater their wedding.

Photo: flickr/Lisa Pinehill

There are some skeptics who are going to scoff at this decision. Near as we can tell, things seem to have worked out really well for this couple.

The wedding took place in Taiwan and the story was originally shared by Taiwan News, and the bride also shared photos of the spread on Facebook. This food was served outdoors and there is no shortage of favorites. If you can’t find something you like here, you are just a very picky person!

Photo: Facebook/Vico
Photo: Facebook/Vico

All jokes aside, this is a fabulous smorgasbord. There’s crostini, croissant sandwiches wrapped up and stuffed with ham. In addition to these delightful inclusions, guests got to dine on cheese and cucumber, a grape and tomatoes medley scattered about as edible decor. They were even fountains of sweet raspberry tea and lemonade.

Weddings are not cheap and we can see why people are getting clever with their planning. The average ceremony will cost $28,000, according to the latest estimates. The cost of this spread? A mere $787.

Photo: Facebook/Vico
Photo: Facebook/Vico

Times are hard out there and we can all stand to save a buck or two when possible. In addition to the Costco spread, the bride also used an array of everyday items as a means of serving the food.

“Y’all did such an amazing job,” said one commentator and we could not agree more. We would have loved to have been at this wedding.

Photo: Facebook/Vico

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