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Most men who cohabitate with a spouse will find that they often are subjected to a “man-cave” where all their belongings are kept and they’re free to decorate as they see fit. And in recent years, there has been the rise in popularity of the “she-shed,” which is basically a man-cave but for women.

However, there is now an evolution of both the man-cave and she-shed into something that is supposed to keep everyone happy: the “we-shed.”

Basically, this new invention is an outdoor deck space that connects two individual sheds – one is a he-shed and the other a she-shed. And all together, the entire thing makes up a combined “we-shed.” The idea is that it allows couples to enjoy time together, but also have their individual spaces for storage or space to work on their own personal projects. The shared deck space allows them to have time together relaxing outdoors or perhaps working on something together.

The idea for the design was originally thought up by the Houston-based building company, Portable Buildings of Greater Houston, who built it for a client. But the good news is that this design could easily be replicated by any local shed company – so you can easily get your “we-shed” tailored to your own personal wants and needs!

Since the idea of she-sheds and man-caves is so popular, it only makes sense that you would combine the two in order to create the ultimate space that you and your partner can enjoy. Plus, it’s so fun to create your own space within it. One Instagram user, @lovely.cuppa.tea, was happy to show off all the decorating she’d done to her she-shed.

While you can decorate it however you want to suit your tastes, some people like to keep theirs clean and minimalist, with a touch of certain delicate items they like, such as the social media user @agraceful_life.

A lot of women with she-sheds like to use theirs as a space for art, gardening, or relaxation/meditation. And that sounds pretty amazing.

In terms of he-sheds, those can be a bit different as a lot of them are often used as a game shed, or a place to store hardware or sports gear. And of course, some guys just want to turn it into a secondary man-cave.

Of course, it all depends on what you want for your space. At the end of the day, a “we-shed” is supposed to be a cool space for you to enjoy with your partner while also giving them their own area as well. It looks like the perfect addition to any backyard.