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We’ve all seen this scenario unfold before. You head to the grocery store and in a good faith attempt to add some fruit to your diet, you grab some inexpensive bananas. The next thing you know, they’re overripe and you’re not able to finish them off. If you are in the same boat, this list of 10 things to do with overripe bananas is sure to help.

1. Banana Ice Cream

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ahh yesterday was quite magical , not only cuz i spent most of it reading HARRY POTTER 📖 (too long , i had forgotten lots of it 😅 shame , i know) but the kittens were quite happy with their birthday treats 😆 … 'n todays breakie is a treat for me 😏 behold – the coconut / cinnamon nice cream tower 🙊with loads of quinoa pops , cacao bean nibs , star anise 'n cinnamon sticks 😆🐈🌌 hope you all have a fantastic day … p.s. tell me , what's your favorite HARRY POTTER book ? #icecream #nicecream #summer #dessert

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Some call it “nice cream” and it is certainly a nice addition to any freezer. You get to stuff your face without the same level of guilt and you can add any flavoring you want. Win/win!

2. Banana Bread

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Ilyen édességek mellett ideje, hogy újra elkezdjek rendszeresen futni… és még a Karácsony is mindjárt itt van🎄😀 De hàt a december habzsi-dőzsiről szól nem?!😅#LettietlaCuisine #foodblog #bananabread #banankenyer

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On the other hand, those who are not as worried about carbs will love tucking into some homemade banana bread. We’ve got the best recipe, it’s so moist and fluffy, you won’t be able to resist.

3. Banana Pancakes (with Nutella)

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Nutella makes anything better and it definitely works well with banana pancakes. This is a top-notch breakfast, if we do say so ourselves.

4. Fruit Smoothies

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Tropical Infusion Smoothie! Bottom layer: 1/2 frozen banana sliced + 1 c frozen mango chunks + 1/2 c almond milk Top layer: 1/2 frozen banana + 1/2 c frozen strawberries + 1/2 c almond milk All you need is a pretty darn good blender and you get to enjoy this beauty in no time! If it gets stuck, just add a lil more milk gradually. I topped mine with a little strawberry slice to make it feel all tropical! 🍓🍌🍹Enjoy! #blogilates #cheapcleaneats

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When we’re looking to avoid the heavy breakfasts, fruit smoothies are the way to go. Peel the overripe bananas, stash them in the freezer, and you’re ready to roll.

5. Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Sunday baking… 💕 Banana chocolate chip muffins (recipe on blog) #vegan #spelt

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By adding bananas to your chocolate chip muffin recipe, you’re able to enjoy healthier muffins that are much softer. Plus, it’s a great excuse to grab an extra muffin in the morning.

6. Banana Chocolate Oatmeal

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Sweet oatmeal lovers, unite! Swap out the maple syrup or brown sugar, bananas are the perfect replacement. The oatmeal is now naturally sweet without any added sugars.

7. Nutella Banana Spring Rolls

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Because there’s no such thing as too much Nutella! These spring rolls can be made with three ingredients, so even the most inexperienced chefs can chow down in style.

8. Chocolate Pudding (Three Ingredients)

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This is another dorm room favorite and it’ll only take five minutes, at most. The chocolate pudding that you’re about to see is as smooth and creamy as you could possibly hope.

9. Banoffee Pie (Four Ingredients)

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Так редко готовлю баноффи пай, но так люблю его 😻 за это гармоничное сочетание песочной основы, варёной сгущёнки, ароматного банана и взбитых сливок, в которые я непременно добавляю сливочный сыр 😋 все такое многогранное и в тоже время простое. Удивительно вкусно и так понятно 😌 пожалуй, стоит чаще его готовить 😀 рецепт обязательно добавлю в блог! Но вы и сами понимаете, что здесь все слишком прозрачно🙆🏼

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All it takes is one quick trip to the supermarket and you’re all set. This pie is best paired with a very fragrant cup of coffee.

10. Face Mask with Banana and Honey

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DIY – Oatmeal Banana Honey Face Mask (photo & recipe credit deliciouslyella.com). – 2 tablespoons of oats – 1/2 a ripe banana. – 1 teaspoon of raw honey Simply slice up the banana, then mash it with a fork – once the banana has been mashed mix in the oats and honey. Do this all by hand, rather than doing it in a blender as it will become too runny and just slide off your face so you won’t really get a scrub or an exfoliation! Then massage the scrub into your skin for a few minutes, I would suggest doing this leaning over your sink as the oats will come off your face during this time and can just fall in the sink. Leave the rest of the mask on for about an hour, then wash off with warm water and pat dry. #foodfortheskin #diyfacemask #skincare #naturalbeauty #oatmealmask #bananamask #honeymask #diyexfoliator #skinexfoliator #feedfeed #foodblog #livewell #foodphotography #eatwell #foodstyle #diyskincare #lookyoung #flawlessskin #skinbrightening #extraglow #zaainaskincare #smpliving

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This skincare hack is highly affordable and will have your skin looking its best. These ingredients are packed with the best nutrients….trust us! Your skin has never been this soft and supple.

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