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TikTok has provided so many of us with the tools and hacks that we need to upgrade various aspects of our daily existence.

While we have enjoyed several delicious recipes as a result of our TikTok browsing, this latest hack just might be the best one of them all.

Photo: TikTok/@lowcarbstateofmind

Twisted bacon is the latest TikTok sensation and we are beyond happy to pass it along to all of our readers. This is an easy cooking method to master as well. It’s not really a recipe, per se. It’s a way of life! All jokes aside, we were pleasantly surprised by how easy this method was to learn about. You do not need to be some sort of chef extraordinaire to handle this one, we promise you.

You do not need any special skills or utensils to make this bacon, either. All you have to do is grab the bacon that you like best and the rest takes care of itself.

Photo: TikTok/@lowcarbstateofmind

It may seem hard to go viral when all you are doing is making some bacon but this video disproves that notion.

The hack originated with Abby Durlewanger, who goes by @houseofketo on TikTok. She’s getting all sorts of love for the trick, which she shared with the world back in 2021.

Photo: TikTok/@houseofketo

From there, the video was duplicated by lots and lots of other people. The original post has gotten over 4 million views, rightfully so. We could watch bacon cooking all day, even if we weren’t getting a hack out of it!

The first difference that needs to be discussed here is the actual cooking method itself. This bacon will not be made on the stove top, it is cooked in the oven instead.


I’m the original content creator for the viral twisted bacon trend! Be sure to tag us and show us when you make this! #twistedbacon #bacon

♬ Poison – Bell Biv DeVoe

The oven is used because the bacon cooks more evenly in this setting. If you prefer crispier bacon, set the oven on 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.

Tighter curls are best for crispy bacon, looser curls should be used for chewier bacon. Abby also recommends taking the time to season the bacon.


#twistedbacon in the #airfryer (original creator @House Of Keto – Abby ) #learnontikok (link in bio to sign up for #butcherbox ) #bbpartner

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Happy munching to all of our readers and we hope that you enjoy it.