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YouTube/The Makeover Guy

Barbara from North Dakota has been searching for the elusive “Great Cut.” She has gotten her hair cut and styled by many excellent stylists worldwide, from Dubai to Barcelona, yet she’s never found the perfect cut. That is, until she met Chris.

Christopher Hopkins, AKA, The Makeover Guy, is a professional stylist with a myriad of other talents. Christopher’s YouTube channel has skyrocketed in popularity, and it’s easy to see why. He’s charming, honest, and uplifting. You can tell he wants to make his clients feel confident in their own skin, and Barbara is no different.

YouTube/The Makeover Guy

With long, stringy brown hair, Barbara has always longed for more volume. She’s been hesitant to go any shorter for fear her thin hair will be even more noticeable, but as you can see, she’s rocking the above-the-shoulder look!

My favorite part about these makeovers is seeing the confidence of these women shine through their gorgeous smiles! It’s more than just a new cut and color, Chris is helping his clients to see their inner beauty as well as their outer beauty. And just look at that bright smile Barbara has!

Watch the makeover video below and stand in awe!

YouTube/The Makeover Guy

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