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This New York City Uber driver has gone above and beyond to ensure the health and safety of their fellow man and for that, they deserve a great deal of praise.

If not for them, we shudder to think of what might have happened here. This incredibly brave man was able to help two people make their way out of a Brooklyn building that had caught on fire.

Photo: flickr/Stock Catalog

Fritz Sam, 54, was in the process of transporting a passenger to LaGuardia Airport recently when he happened to pass by a four-story apartment building that was engulfed in flames, according to CNN. When he saw the flames in a second-story window, he noticed that there were not any first responders on the scene at the time. “I asked my passenger, ‘Can I pull over? Maybe we can help’,” he said in an interview with TODAY.

“So we got out of the car and ran over there. When I thought there might be someone inside that building, there was something in me that couldn’t hold back, and I just had to go inside,” Sam continued.

Photo: YouTube/CBS New York

Jemma Wei, his passenger at the time, was in total awe of Sam’s selfless actions. She even snapped photos of the fire in progress, so that people could see just how brave Sam is.

When Sam went into the building, he found residents on the first and second floors, accompanying them to safety. After the last resident had exited the building, the firefighters finally arrived. Before returning to his vehicle to finish the trip, Sam made sure to speak with the residents. He wanted to know that everyone was okay before taking off.

“On the way to the airport this morning and drove by a burning building, my Uber driver LEAPT out of the car and INTO the building while the rest of us screamed at the top of our lungs for people to evacuate, the first truck came, we rushed to the airport, I made my flight,” Jemma wrote on Twitter.

According to the Washington Post, Uber also acknowledged Sam’s bravery. “We’re incredibly grateful to have such a heroic and thoughtful member of our community in Fritz,” said a company spokesman. He was given a one year Tesla rental and Uber even presented him with a “hometown hero” award.

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