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There is no denying, COVID-19 has changed the face of the world this year. 2020 has been a year of learning how to come together while staying apart. It has made our living rooms the new Friday night hangout spot and made us dependent on Zoom calls for all forms of social interaction. This year has been a year where we’ve had to actively count our blessings in the face of so much negativity. But despite all the loneliness and isolation felt in terms of the pandemic, we’ve seen just how resilient people can be when coming together in the face of such distancing measures.

Despite our holidays looking much different this year, we’ve all somehow managed to come together thanks to the help of social media. And one self-titled writer and theologian, Jessica Kantrowitz, created a rather special Thanksgiving for her followers on Twitter. She got creative and came up with a very adorable idea for a virtual Thanksgiving dinner. And it started with a simple stick figure drawing of herself that she shared on Twitter.

After posting it, she wrote, “If anyone is alone today and feeling lonely, you are invited to my Thanksgiving dinner. I made lemon & rosemary turkey. Tell me your hair & eye color & what you’re bringing, & I’ll draw you in.”

As you can imagine, the post quickly went viral as people started to share their choice of side dishes as well as their physical descriptions. And true to her word, Kantrowitz began to draw them into her table. And soon, she found that her Thanksgiving table was overflowing with followers – more than 50 people and counting!

As Kantrowitz later shared with Fox29, she was surprised by the number of people who wanted to be added to her table. She said, “I think I have something like several thousand people still at my ‘house’ having leftover turkey sandwiches!” She then joked, “Thankfully, several people have also volunteered to do the dishes.”

Her post was well-received online by all those who were needing an uplift. Many of those who participated in her virtual Thanksgiving feast we absolutely touched by her idea. Many people expressed their gratitude, citing that they were feeling thankful for people like Kantrowitz who were willing to do things like this in an effort to uplift others.

And it’s truly something to be thankful for – the good nature of others.

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