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We all wish there was a shortcut to get the life we desire, and for some on TikTok, it seems that they found a way to get more romantic attention. Women on TikTok are standing by this specific color to guarantee more dates from guys.

Via: Flickr

The theory is simple. Paint your nails red, and you’re bound to get asked out by men. Called red nail theory, this trend has been going strong with the hashtags #rednailtheoryisreal getting close to a million views and #rednailtheory getting over 2.1 million views.

Via: TikTok

One TikToker stated she got asked out on five to six dates. She doesn’t question the theory but affirms that the nails have something to do with it.

Via: Flickr

And the TikTok user isn’t wrong. A study in Nature stated that men are more receptive and stare longer at the color red, implying that there is some psychological effect of this crimson color. In another article, they confirm that the “red dress theory” is valid. Men are more willing to approach a woman wearing red in any way, shape, or form. The reason? The researchers implied that men interpreted a woman wearing red as a woman more open to sexual and romantic advances.

Via: Unsplash

So this means that it doesn’t matter how you wear the color red, it only matters that the color is visible to those around you!