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We sometimes think about the job of a delivery driver being a thankless position, but there are times when we see otherwise. That was the case recently when a small town in Pennsylvania decided to pull together and show their gratitude for a UPS driver that cared for their delivery needs.

It took place in Dauphin, PA, and according to a video posted on Facebook by Adam Shickley, that driver, Chad Turns, went out of his way to make sure that the packages went through. He worked hard during the pandemic, and when he went to make one delivery on a Tuesday night, there were a dozen people standing there to cheer him on and provide him with a special surprise.

Photo: Facebook/Adam Bryce

Adam said that the whole town had a relationship with Chad. In fact, there was even a time when Adam’s children were playing out front so the driver waited until they had gone inside to deliver the gift that the parents had ordered.

When Chad saw the people waiting for him, he couldn’t hide his emotions. It really didn’t surprise anyone, however, because everyone was familiar with his kindness, even how he worked during very difficult times. Adam’s wife, Jenny, organized the event and raised $1000 in only two weeks to provide him with quite a gift.

Photo: Facebook/Adam Bryce

Although the town only has a population of 800, they pulled together to do something very special. The gift was given along with the card that was signed by people throughout the community.

Turns spoke with CNN, saying: “I’m still overwhelmed and it is touching that this community feels so strongly about me.” He went on to talk about how the pandemic was hard on him and that all UPS drivers should be thanked for what they do. He also plans on paying it forward.

Photo: Facebook/Adam Bryce

According to that outlet, a spokesman for UPS, Jackie Fajt, said: “Chad is a great UPSer and has been delivering to Dauphin residents for more than a decade. Celebrations like this really highlight the bond our drivers have with their customer base. We appreciate that UPS drivers like Chad are being recognized for how they are moving our world forward.”

Posted by Adam Bryce on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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