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If you are in the real estate market in Toronto and you want to see what nearly $730,000 gets you, you are definitely going to want to read on.

There is a garage that is barely inhabitable that is going for $729,000.

Photo: Instagram/dailyhivetoronto

This garage does not seem to come with very many amenities, either. There’s no bedroom or bathroom to speak of. How can these people reasonably expect anyone to cough up that kind of dough for a property with so little to offer? According to Zoocasa, it is located at 951b Greenwood Avenue in the Danforth Village and as far as we know, it has only been on the market for a few short days.

There is a sizable yard with some nice trees, which helps, but the rundown fences do take away from the environment. The realtors who are marketing this property are trying to tell people that it would make for a great building opportunity. The buyer who takes this on would be making the purchase in hopes of turning it into something more later on.

Photo: Instagram/dailyhivetoronto

Since the property is located in Danforth Village, it is not surprising to see the asking price. Anyone who built here would have close access to stores, restaurants, schools, and public transit. Even the realtor has decided to chime in and let the world know that this proposal isn’t a crazy one. Agent Claudio Castro works with Zoocasa, and according to Daily Hive, she said, “Prices in the area have ranged from $1.3-1.6 million for detached homes in similar sized lots since the beginning of 2021.”

Photo: Instagram/dailyhivetoronto

Anyone who is currently trying to buy or sell a home is sure to get a huge kick out of this one. The old saying about real estate is true, it really is all about the three magic words: location, location, location.

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