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There are always unique opportunities to save money during each and every month of the year. January is certainly no different.

Check out the following 9 ways to save money in January:

1. Post-Christmas Sales

These sales are a great way to save on decorations and gifts for next year. Your savings are sure to keep on going, though. Baking supplies, candy, and other basic household supplies are going to be marked down just because retailers are looking to get rid of them.

2. Snagging Everyone Else’s Returns

Once items are returned to the store, they are typically sent off to the discount stores like Ross or TJ Maxx. January is when all those Christmas gift returns start to hit, so be on the lookout.

3. Thrift Shopping

Last-minute tax deductions lead to a lot of new inventory for these stores during this time of year. You are sure to find some of the best deals of the year during January.

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4. Gift Card Discounts

Various websites will be buying up all of the unwanted gift cards and selling them at a discount. Head to sites like Gift Card Granny to find some great deals.

5. Keep an Eye Out For Sales

Furniture, sneakers, and electronics are all going to be on sale in January, so keep your eyes peeled.

6. Print Out Monthly Coupons

In most instances, sites are going to reset the coupons that they have to offer on a monthly basis. It pays to watch closely so that you can jump on these deals as soon as they are provided. Check out the prices early, so that you can act accordingly.

7. Eat Seasonal Foods

This is an easy way to make sure that your grocery bills are kept down. Choosing fruits and vegetables that are in season are much cheaper than out of season produce.

8. Monitor The Heating Bill

It’s the coldest time of the year and that’s why it pays to keep a close watch on our heating bills. Sure, it feels nice to crank the heat during the winter, but this is a surefire way to ensure higher heating bills.

9. Make a Fresh Budget

As our lives change, our budgets need to change as well. You can use a budget planning template, like this one from Nerd Wallet, or make your own! Getting clear and realistic about your spending needs, habits, and financial health is the best place to start saving money. After all, it’s hard to save something when you’re not really sure how much you have or where it’s going.

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