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Anyone who has ever seen Hell’s Kitchen before might appreciate the prank that Tilly Ramsay pulled on her dad, Gordon.

While most of us wouldn’t dare to cross Gordon Ramsay’s bad side, his daughter likes to test his limits. She recently decided that she was going to pull a prank on her dad and she recorded the whole event. Gordon decided to post the prank video as well, showing that he’s a very good sport about these things.

Photo: Instagram/gordongram

When the video begins, we see Tilly sitting next to Gordon Ramsay at their table. Everything seems normal enough at first. There’s a Fiji water bottle sitting in front of them and there’s also an egg sitting on top of that bottle.

Tilly’s hand movements (and possible camera magic) make the egg vanish. She’s basically doing her own magician’s act here but it comes with a hilarious twist.

Photo: Instagram/gordongram

Naturally, Gordon is confused as to where the egg disappeared to. He grabs the water bottle to try and take a closer look and Tilly springs into action. She squeezes the water bottle directly into Gordon’s face.

Photo: Instagram/gordongram

Of course, he is in shock because he just got doused with a whole bunch of water. While he is trying his best to piece that puzzle together, Tilly takes the prank to a whole new level. The egg that was on top of the water bottle was resting in her hand the entire time and she quickly smashes it onto his head before running away.

Photo: Instagram/gordongram

He shared the video saying, “Someone did the dishes last night in the Ramsay household…. @tillyramsay”

Watch the hilarious moment below:

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