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Getting up in the morning and heading to the coffee shop can be a lot of fun. It’s a great way to get the day started. However…it can be tough to get out of bed in the morning, too. When you’re looking to save a few minutes (or a few bucks), making your own coffee in the kitchen is a wonderful option. Thanks to TikTok, that task just got way easier.

This is our new go-to recipe at home. We would be remiss if we did not share it with you. Sometimes, homemade coffee just hits different. All you need to get started are some coffee ice cubes and the milk of your choosing.

Photo: TikTok / katielopynski

Everyone loves a creamy coffee, but we do not always have time to properly whip it up. There are mornings where we need caffeine and we need it now. That’s where this method from Katielopynski comes into play. Iced coffee lovers are about to save themselves all sorts of time. Anything that allows us to stay in bed a few extra minutes is A-OK in our book.

All she has to do is pour some coffee ice cubes into her cup. From there, she adds a bit of cinnamon and some oat milk. Coffee ice cubes are the best choice because they ensure that the coffee does not have a chance to become diluted. The typical ice cubes do have that drawback and thanks to Katie, we no longer have to deal with it.


coffee ice + oat milk + cinnamon✨ have you ever made coffee ice cubes? #youhaveto #asmr #coffee #morningcheer

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There are good hacks and there are GREAT ones. We are especially fond of the hacks that provide us with opportunities for additional customization. You can add all sorts of bells and whistles to this one. Some might prefer pumpkin spice to cinnamon. Others may opt for almond milk. This is your chance to do you.

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