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As I was driving home one evening I came upon a deceased puppy laying in the road and it broke my heart, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tip of a dog’s tail go under the guardrail.

I rushed home and got my husband and we drove back to the area and he removed the deceased puppy to the side of the road while I looked for the other pup.

We looked for a couple of hours, but couldn’t find him. As I went back to the truck, he howled, he could see me but was too frightened to come out of the woods. We went home.


I had to work the next day but as soon as I got off I went right back to look for him but again he was hiding and would not come out. Again he howled as I left. It poured rain that night and I slept very little because I was afraid he was injured.

The next morning I was determined to find him so I returned to the area and decided to climb over the guardrail and up the steep hill where the road had been cut through. There he was, under a small tree above his deceased littermate’s body.

Could not convince him to let me touch him. This went on for about 2 hours. I decided to go home get food and water, as I started down the hill, he followed keeping his distance.

The Animal Rescue Site

Once we reached the bottom, I reached out and barely rubbed his nose, Taking a step closer, I patted his head and one more step allowed me to grab all that loose skin on his neck. We went home.

During a follow-up trip to vet, we discovered he had a broken leg at birth-6 weeks, never set so one leg shorter. Subsequent trips to the orthopedic vet said leave alone, still going to get a third opinion as arthritis will set in when older and his rear hock wobbles like a bad knee.

He is a redbone coonhound and so very smart, 3 days and housebroken. He has 2 cockers and a 12-year-old rescued white shepherd to keep him company. Living life much better than the person who threw him out to die.

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Story submitted by Marylee Schanen.

Originally posted by The Animal Rescue Site.

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