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Thrift stores are filled with all kinds of awesome deals that you are not going to find anywhere else. And fashion is all about finding the perfect pieces. No one wants to have the same clothes as the next person, and it turns out, the thrift shop is the best way to go about finding those unique fashionable pieces.

The best thrift shoppers are able to locate the items that others cannot. They know all of the tricks and hacks that elude so many others. And the truly elite thrift store shoppers do not settle for the items that they find at these stores, either. Sure, the jeans and sweaters that are found in these stores may look alright by themselves, but they are even better with the proper embellishments.

Thrift store items can look overly frumpy when they are first taken home. That’s what makes these types of tutorials so important. Coolirpa’s YouTube fashion vlog Thrifted Transformations is a great channel and April is the brainchild. Thrift shop clothes are given needle and thread makeovers. You won’t be able to believe your eyes once you have had the chance to see them.

Photo: YouTube / coolirpa

Once you have had the chance to check out her videos, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at your own closet. The local secondhand stores are also more likely to get a second look. This project is particularly great for anyone who is looking to look like a baller while they are still on a budget. April finds a $7 muumuu and immediately makes magic.

This may have started out as a cheap muumuu but it will now be an integral part of her wardrobe. You can have the same sort of fun when you take the time to visit the thrift shop. These stores are an absolute goldmine but you are going to need the right treasure map. April is the perfect woman to provide it to you!