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If there is one thing that most of us look forward to when it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s the food. There is just something about sitting down at a table that is heaped full of food that makes us feel good about that day.

Although nothing would ever completely replace the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes that find their way onto most Thanksgiving tables, there is something from Salt & Straw ice cream that may just come close.

Photo: Unsplash/Michelle Tsang

That brand has now created the “Friendsgiving Series,” a combination of flavors that is sure to bring Thanksgiving to the table in a brand-new way. After all, with treats such as “Caramelized Turkey and Cranberry Sauce,” and “Parker House Rolls with Salted Butter Cream,” it’s difficult to go wrong.

Of course, we’ve all enjoyed these flavors before. But now that we can enjoy that in a frozen treat, it’s just all that more interesting. The goodness of Thanksgiving is churned into the salt and sweet cream for a medley of flavors that is sure to be a Thanksgiving favorite.

What would Thanksgiving be without dessert? Salt & Straw brings this to the table with their own version of “Candied Walnut Cheesecake” ice cream. It is sure to be a family favorite with plenty of real cheesecake, mixed with a crumble of graham cracker and just enough caramel.

If cheesecake is not to your liking, you may want to try their “Sweet Potato Pie with Double Baked Almond Streusel.” The name really says it all.

For any vegans at the table, they offer a “Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie” ice cream that comes with coconut, sugar crust, and a gingersnap with just enough taste of molasses.

You can buy their Friendsgiving Series on their website for $65.

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