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Winter storms can be extremely difficult to navigate even when you’ve got the infrastructure in place to deal with the amount of snow that comes your way. However, for a state like Texas, a winter storm can spell disaster. And that is what we’re seeing this week after Texas got hit with some incredibly cold weather.

Many residents have been left stranded in their homes without power in freezing temperatures, while others have had to deal with pipes bursting. It’s been a complete nightmare for the people of Texas. Through it all, they have pictures and videos to prove how dire the situation is.

Check out ten of the craziest things happening in Texas below:

1. Pipes Bursting

There is nothing worst than having to deal with a pipe bursting in your home. And this does not look like fun at all.

2. Frozen Ceiling Fan

Holy Moly! This is one shocking example of how cold things are at the moment.

Photo: Twitter / ThomasBlackGG

3. Frozen Swimming Pool

An entire swimming pool has become an ice rink. How insane is that?

Photo: Twitter / CRTCHP

4. Try Sitting on That

This definitely is not the bathroom experience that anyone wants.

Photo: Reddit / u/icepigs

5. Solid Bathtub

We’ve heard of the water shortages and how people are trying to deal with them. Well, one person tried storing water in their bathtub only to find it frozen in the morning.

Photo: Twitter / BFriedmanDC

6. Car Wash Some Other Time

That looks incredibly beautiful, but at the same time reminds us of how bad the situation is at the current moment.

Photo: Reddit/a>

7. Snow in Tubs

With the water shut off, many Texans are having to resort to creative thinking in order to survive. That means filling bathtubs with snow and then using it for water to flush toilets, etc.

Photo: Twitter / veterans_i

8. Water Fountain

This fountain has been frozen over completely

Photo: Twitter / NorthavenTrail

9. Playground of Icicles

That looks more like a frozen death trap rather than a fun place for kids to play.

Photo: Twitter /PastureSociety

10. Cave-ins are Happening

Texas roofs weren’t built for this much snow.

Photo: Twitter / BreeSunshinee_
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