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It may have been a while since you have held onto a Nerf gun but it’s much like riding a bike. You are never too old to hop back on and start firing again.

While this sounds awesome enough in and of itself, there is more to it than this. Did you know that there is a chance that you could get paid to play with these toys?

Photo: Pixabay/Aaron Holmes

It’s really a thing that you can do, believe it or not. The Toy Zone is here to make sure that you are able to enjoy yourself. Nerf’s new Halo blasters need to be tested out and you could get paid as much as $1,170 for the job. The release of these blasters is slated to tie in with the release of Halo Infinite for Xbox on December 8, 2021.

As you may have expected, time is of the essence. The new line of products does include some dazzling Nerf guns, too. We are already enamored with the 10 dart Halo Bulldog SG Blaster and the 6 dart Nerf Halo Mangler and that’s before we have even had the chance to shoot them. That’s what happens when you have a proven track record like Nerf does.

Photo: YouTube/The ToyZone

In addition to all of the blasters, the reviewer will also be given their very own Halo Master Chief helmet. Once the reviewer has made their unboxing video, they are expected to videotape themselves playing with the toys. Does that sound like anything too challenging? Of course not. A summary of the toys’ pros and cons must also be provided as soon as possible.

As soon as all of that work is done, the reviewer is given their paycheck and they are allowed to keep the toys.

Photo: YouTube/The ToyZone

We are sure that all of the video game fans are more than happy to get involved but even if you are not a gamer, you can still have a blast.

You can apply for the job on Toy Zone’s website here.

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