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The teacher that you are about to meet prides themselves on going above and beyond, as they should. State exams are always scary, especially if you are only in elementary school. That’s what makes this teachers’ efforts so touching.

They decided that they were going to do everything in their power to put the kids at ease. Thanks to her, these kids were able to calm their nerves far more easily.

Photo: TikTok/@thatssochrishae

Chrishae Powell (who can be found @thatssochrishae) is the one responsible for TikTok. It has since gone viral and we are glad that it did.

Lots of people needed to see this teacher’s hard work. Folks need to know just how tirelessly our teachers work to make sure that students are always at ease. The class is first seen opening envelopes.

Photo: TikTok/@thatssochrishae

The envelopes are not there for decoration, though. They contain letters from adults that love them very much. “Imagine right before you take a state exam … You open an unexpected letter from an adult who loves you so much,” Chrishae said in her viral TikTok video.

As she scans the classroom and takes in all of the student reactions, it is plain to see that this was a great idea.

Photo: TikTok/@thatssochrishae

They are all feeling much better about things now that they have had the chance to hear from adults who care about them. Sometimes, that is all that it takes. The song choice for this video is also perfect in its own right. “Love Me Like You Do “by Ellie Goulding is the musical selection here and we loved to hear it in this context.

Her fellow teachers were sure to chime in as well. “First year teacher here!” said one. “My kids test in the morning, and my partner and I did this with our kids today. We had many of our babies in tears from the encouraging words their loved ones wrote. My partner and I also had tears in our eyes. Definitely changed my kid’s feelings for tomorrow.”


Love them so much!! 🫶🏽 #staartest

♬ Love Me Like You Do – Elena Gray

Meanwhile, the nonteachers who watched this one were getting choked up, too. “Not me crying and saying I can’t take the test now. I’m too emotional lol,” said one brutally honest viewer.


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♬ original sound – Chrishae Powell

Chrishae’s plan worked like a charm and we are glad that she shared it with the rest of us.