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Who says that school projects can’t be fun?

When I was a kid in school I often enjoyed all kinds of art projects that they had us doing for various classes. But there is one teacher in Australia who is no doubt their students’ favorite teacher with the little surprise that she had in store.

Photo: Pexels/Pixabay

According to Insider, the teacher, who wanted to remain anonymous, decided to present her entire class with custom-made stuffed animals that were based on drawings that they had done in her class.

She had asked them one day to come up with their dream monster, and then draw it. The students did. They must’ve thought that was the end of that, but they were wrong.

Roughly two months later, the kids were in for a treat when she presented them each with their own plushie version of the monsters that they drew.

A parent of one of her students, Reid Parker, shared photos of the plushies on Twitter and you can see them below:

Since sharing the photos on Twitter, people wanted a way to give back to the anonymous teacher for going above and beyond for her students. Parker ended up creating a GoFundMe to offer the teacher a gift from donations, with the goal set at $5,000.