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We have all been through the following scenario. You’ve found the perfect pair of shoes but they are simply too tight. You’re all ready for a night on the town, but the shoes are uncomfortable, keeping you from putting together that perfect outfit. When the shoes are a bit too small and you are at your wit’s end, this simple trick is here to help you.

Sure, you can always find another pair, but that is often easier said than done. You can also elect to fight through the pain, but that’s a terrible way to go about it. We did that for a wedding once and let us tell you, you will be regretting it before the couple has even had a chance to exchange their vows. LifeBuzz is here to show you the way and we are happy to share their expertise.

If you have roommates, you will want to make sure to warn them. You don’t want them to find out about your hack the hard way. This shoe stretching tutorial will help you expand your shoes (and your wardrobe). Best of all, it’s not complicated in the slightest. To get started, grab two plastic sandwich bags. Fill them 1/4 of the way with water.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Once that step has been accomplished, the bags must be placed inside of the shoes. The method will work just fine for your fake leather shoes, but it does work best for real leather shoes in most instances. Fake leather shoes tend to revert, so you may need to follow the steps a few times before you get the desired results with them.

Are the bags inside of the shoes? They need to be placed in the freezer now. Make sure anyone you live with is okay with this. Freeze the shoes until they are icy. Once the water has fully hardened, leave them out for 20 minutes.

Take the ice out and the shoes should be loosened. With this method, shoes can be stretched up to a full size larger. This video will keep you and your friends from having to head out to buy more shoes (we’re not calling that a bad thing, though)!

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