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Actress Stephanie Weir first got her start on Mad TV in the early 2000s, usually playing flighty characters with her trademark wilting voice. In recent years she’s worked on Modern Family, Veep, and many other shows as well. But, like a lot of us right now she’s got a lot more time on her hands thanks to coronavirus. She recently uploaded a tutorial video to her YouTube channel about how to make your own face masks at home. But, things don’t always go smoothly when sewing- as any experienced crafters can tell you.

Stephanie Weir's homemade mask tutorial
Via/ YouTube

And, this is certainly the case with this particular how-to that somehow manages to go a little off the rails. Have a break from stresses of real life with the tutorial that Weir (as the character of “Kay”) created on how to just about complete a homemade face mask out of fabric and elastic. She was so close!