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Life as a stay-at-home parent is not an easy gig. Growing up, I was lucky to have a stay-at-home mom, and boy, did she make it look so easy. I honestly never knew how much was involved in taking care of a household until I got older – and I don’t even have kids yet!

My mother was a chef, chief financial officer, doctor, housekeeper, chauffeur, and entertainment, all rolled into one person. She was always on call, and her job was 24/7, but she never got paid for it. And I can’t thank her enough for being a super mom throughout my childhood.

But all people who are stay-at-home parents know just how hard it is, and what’s worse is you can’t exactly put it on a resume. At least, you couldn’t until now.

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Before, people who chose to stay at home to take care of their families for whatever length of time wouldn’t be able to put it on their resume as there was no job title for it. Thanks to LinkedIn, now it’s an option!

They recently added “stay-at-home mom,” “stay-at-home dad,” and “stay-at-home parent” to their list of job titles. This is big as it allows those who stay at home to be recognized for all the valuable work that they do when they are out of the workforce.

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These changes were brought about following Fortune requesting that LinkedIn provide a comment on Heather Bolen’s article in Medium. Bolen had written about finding a way to make herself marketable to employers after having been a stay-at-home mom after some time. As she shared, she found the networking platform’s options quite limiting for someone in her position.

As she explained, “It’s time for employers to accept that careers are often non-linear and to provide improved policies for remote work, flex time, and paid family leave. And it’s time for job seekers to not feel like they must skirt around employment gaps, lest be frozen out.”

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Fortunately, the company agreed with Bolen.

The director of engineering at LinkedIn, Bef Ayenew, provided a statement to Fortune, saying, “I wholeheartedly agree that we need to normalize employment gaps on the profile to help reframe hiring conversations.”

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Ayenew further elaborated that the option for stay-at-home parents to now put in their title is just a “stop-gap” solution, and the company is planning more comprehensive changes. Naturally, Bolen is quite excited about the changes that will be coming.

She said to Fortune, “There shouldn’t be shame in trying to be open about taking time off and then wanting to come back. That’s even more the case with the pandemic, and all the women leaving the workforce.”

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