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During a recent trip to Starbucks, one customer got more than they could have possibly bargained for. Ashley Wilkins went to Starbucks to grab a pumpkin-flavored beverage, as a nice pick me up. Little did she know what would happen next! Once she got back home, she realized what had happened. Her barista had taken a liking to her and left a secret message for her.

Photo: Unsplash

“Well this [happened] today!!” said Wilkins in her TikTok video about the barista’s message. The young man has been nicknamed “Starbucks Steve” and all we can wonder is, is this going to be the start of an amazing love story?

Photo: TikTok / ashleywilkins28

His message was very creative. All Starbucks lovers know that the cups come with a message that warns us about how hot the beverages are. Instead of leaving this message alone, “Starbucks Steve” decided to block out certain letters to send Ashley a message.

The bottom of the cup now had a much different warning for her to check out. Parts of the warning were blacked out so it said, “Careful, you’re extremely hot.”

Photo: TikTok / ashleywilkins28

“No you just didn’t Starbucks Steve,” Wilkins chuckled after she revealed the hidden message. The caption indicates that she didn’t seem too upset, but we are unsure if she is willing to reward his bold decision with an actual date.


New Level of pick up line! 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

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Of course, people are pretty torn on if the barista’s flirty message was appropriate or not. Either way, he gets an A for effort.

As it turns out, Ashley is actually married already. Sorry, Steve. Better luck next time.

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