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When it comes to spaghetti, those of us who love the dish can’t get enough of it. We could probably eat it several times a week.

Not only is it delicious, but it is also one of the most reasonable meals we can eat. With the right sauce on hand, you can feed an entire family for under $10!


Then again, there are times when we want to take spaghetti to the next level. It isn’t simply enough to eat pasta with cheap sauce, we want to savor the experience. Perhaps that is why people have fallen in love with the idea of the “spaghetti table.”

Photo: Facebook/Josh and Lisa

These types of food tables are nothing new. We’ve seen nacho tables in the past, where a family will share an entire table of nacho goodies and eat to their heart’s delight. It seems as if the spaghetti table is something similar, but this one takes things to an even greater height.

Photo: Facebook/Josh and Lisa

Thanks to Josh and Lisa, a Facebook page, the spaghetti table comes to life.

A video was shared that has now gone viral with millions upon millions of views. It shows a woman spreading out some pasta sauce onto a table, and it just gets better from there. Soon, a layer of meatballs are added, and finally, some Parmesan cheese and noodles.



Posted by Josh and Lisa on Thursday, April 22, 2021

With the entire world looking on through social media, people are suddenly struck with ideas as to how they could enjoy a spaghetti table at their own homes. Although it may seem like a joke, there are plenty of people who aren’t laughing about it and some that absolutely love it.

Then again, there are others who feel it is the most disgusting thing they have ever seen in their lives. I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and if you really love pasta, then this may be your new love.